Zoe Warren: “Brook has been riding horses for me for the past 20 years. Every horse has been treated as an individual, working and managed to the highest standard. Together with Kathy they make the perfect team. Kathy’s attention to detail is second to none; nothing in connection with the horses welfare gets past her. The horses always look in tip top condition and are very relaxed and happy in the yard.

“Brook and Kathy are both very sympathetic riders, and their patience and knowledge of breaking and bringing on some of the young horses I have owned is a true testament to their horsemanship. Events are always great fun, and owners are ‘one of the family’, with plenty of feedback on each phase. If I’m not able to attend, Brook or Kathy are always on the phone afterwards to give me an update.

“As well as Brook riding the horses, I have my own horses at livery with Brook and Kathy and can’t say enough how brilliant they are with helping and keeping the horses on track, and making sure that at events I am well looked after.  I am really grateful to Brook and Kathy for all the extremely hard work and dedication they put in to the work and welfare of the horses, and to all the knowledge and time they impart helping me with my horses.”

David Ashby: “Brook and Kathy run a lovely yard where the horses come first and their care is demonstrated by the relaxed attitude and happy faces I see over the stable doors when I visit. It’s also worth bearing in mind as an owner that their horsemanship both helps prevent injury and also aids rehabilitation which can save a lot of money on vet visits and treatment.

“Brook and Kathy’s teaching is both skilled and sympathetic, the facilities are first rate and they are also available at competitions which is a real bonus compared to ‘names ‘ who run clinics but don’t follow up beyond the one day.

“I’ve known Brook for the best part of 20 years and I think his patience and horsemanship make him one of the best producers of young horses in the country. I am amazed that more people don’t send him young eventers to bring on and compete. Horses from Brook and Kathy are well mannered and know the job they are being asked to do, I would have no  hesitation when seeking a horse asking them what is available in their yard.”

Tom Cousillas: “I have been using Brook Staples as my jump instructor for the past year and a half. I have regular jump lessons with Brook on both my young horses and feel that with Brooks help I am achieving some great results.

“Brook has a great way of teaching; he is patient and calm and as he is so experienced he can show you different techniques and exercises that really help to build confidence in you and your horse. I would have no hesitation in recommending him.”